This page is designed to help out new and perspective members in understanding our game. In addition to the In Depth page, this page tells about how we do things, helps you develop a character, and is kind of a pretty thorough overview.


Before You JoinEdit

Whenever you are looking into a new rp game, it is important to learn all about it first. A lot of people neglect this and the result is that new members and the moderator who helps them put a lot of work into something that never really happens because the game wasn’t right for the player. By thoroughly reading the information on the game, you stand a better chance of knowing if it is right for you or not before you join.

Read the remainder of this page as well as the In Depth page so that you have a good idea of what your responsibilities are as a player and what responsibilities the moderators have. This helps make things run smoothly for everyone.

After You JoinEdit

Once you join the game, you’ve still got a bit more work to do before you are ready to begin. In the Our Rules section below, number 3 and number 4 covers this, so you’ll be reading this again. Before you can begin playing in the game, we require a profile for your character(s). This is just as much for you as it is for us because it helps you flesh out your character. We have to approve profiles, so please be prompt in having one. It’s also important to be and remain active. Active players keep a game alive. Active and thorough players make it great and as perfectionist, we strive to be in that great category.

Our RulesEdit

Rules, regulations, guidelines, strict orders, whatever you like to call them, we have a set of rules that we abide by to make things run smoothly. Please review these before you join the game. If you feel like you need to, you may also like to bookmark this page.

  1. Be mature and old enough to engage in the game. Because few youngsters (Yeah, we’re old enough to say ‘youngsters’.) are mature enough or talented enough to play in a grown-up game, we have an 18 and over rule. There aren’t exceptions to this (take a look at number 2) so please don’t apply unless you’re over the legal age in your country.
  2. We’re rated! Censorship is a tricky issue. Some people have a problem with it, some people don’t, and some people are okay with it sometimes. We’re more in the ‘sometimes’ category, but lean towards the ‘none’ category. The only thing we don’t actually allow is pedophilia. You can reference it for a character, but it doesn’t go on in the game. If this happens, we remove and ban the member, no exceptions. Threads that have graphic sexual or violent content, like what you’d encounter in an R rated movie or pornography, the thread subjects require a [NC-17] tag. It isn’t necessary for strong language, just graphic action of any sort.
  3. Profiles before play. All characters require a profile before you begin to play in the game. This also includes canons and other than informing the GM of what you want to do, it also shows that you have a good handle on the character. (You’d be surprised how often that comes up.) We have a template for all new and canon characters which you can download here. Some people, particularly those who do better getting a feel for a character first, have trouble with these. You are welcome to discuss the character or ask for help with the GM or other moderators while developing the profile. The more thorough a profile is filled out, the better it is. And, the better the profile is, the more likely it is that you’ll have it accepted after you submit it.
  4. Be active. If you join the game, remember to fill out a profile. (Please join both the IC and OOC groups.) Once you’ve done that and have at least one character ready to play, please don’t forget us. Aim for at least a few times a week in participation. If you can do more—great! If you can’t though, please let us know. We understand that sometimes schedules don’t allow it (Hey, we understand college, work, family, life…) but just let us know. Also, a hiatus is fine too, but again let us know. If you go a while without communicating, we are left to our own devices and we might assume the worst. If you’re characters are active in plots, we might have someone else play them to keep things moving or make them available to other members. You may also lose your membership, so please just drop us a line. Even if you aren’t active, just keep the lines of communication up and going. (Though, try not to let you hiatus last too long. It’s not a permanent thing.)
  5. When you post, please make it a full post. Think of your post like food. If you’re going to enjoy a dish, it’s probably not going to be something plain and tasteless. More than likely, you’re into something robust with a lot of flavor and textures. When you start a thread or reply to another player’s post, don’t be the flavorless dish. In other words, no one-liners! Have fun, flesh it out, and do your best to get at least 200 words each time.

Character DevelopmentEdit

Developing a good, strong character is very important in fiction writing. Since text based role play is a form of that, the same thing applies here.

This page is designed to help anyone building a new character who might be stuck or don't know where to start. Please look through and see if you can find anything useful!

Your Character's PersonalityEdit

It’s the thing that determines how we all react to, well…everything. This is the same thing for your characters too.

My MBTI Personality Type is a website that, among other things, lists the different Meyers-Briggs personality types. While this website doesn’t offer advice on how to create a fiction character, it does provide tests that you could take (from your character’s point of view, NOT your own) to help with understanding how your character works. It also provides a general list of personality types, which is what you’re directly linked to.

Your Character's LookEdit

Our IC group where all the game play is done:
How one looks is pretty important, though appearances can be deceiving. When selecting a look for a character, a good place to start is movies and TV shows. Here are some helpful links to browse when deciding on a face for your character.

Please don’t select anyone who already represents a character in the game.

Your Character's NameEdit

What's in a name? Well, you of course! When picking a name for a character, you try to pick something that fits their personality. For example, for the brawny ex-military guy with great washboard abs you probably wouldn’t pick the Mt. Olive pickle salesman named Peter McPickerson from Picklesville, Pennsylvania. Firstly I odn’t think a pickle company has sales people and secondly….really?

So, here are some sites that are helpful in picking given and surnames out for your characters. is a great website for given names. They have brief definitions and you can search for a specific name or, just browse by area of the world. is like 20000 names in that it is organized by region. By clicking on a region it does pretty much the same thing where you can look up the name and see what it is a derivative of or what it means. isn’t like the first two listings. Here, you can search by the first letter of the surname. This is easier if your character doesn’t know their background (but you always should) and you’re looking more for how it sounds or what it starts with.

The Character TemplateEdit

We have a character template! While the template in this form doesn’t go on the wiki (we organize everything), this template is seriously helpful in creating characters or understanding canon characters.

You can download it here.