Nadya Krupin, played by Kristen Stewart

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Naturally suspicious and cautious, Nadya is a very tenacious person. Her mother and the uncertainty in Russia at the time raised her to be suspicious and not quick to trust. Once that trust has been earned though, her loyalty is absolute and she would do anything for her friends. She is a very creative individual with an affinity for building things. Because of this, she dreams to be an architect someday.

Nadya is bi-lingual and speaks Russian as well as English.


Born to a single mother in Moscow, Nadya was raised in a turbulent time in Russia. Her mother, Sofya, managed to keep her safe from the conflict. Homeschooling her and teaching her English in addition to her native Russian, Sofya raised her to be cultured and intelligent, even if they came from humble beginnings. Sofya got a job with an oil company in 2000. This job involved quite a bit of travel and her daughter, who was still home schooled, travelled with her mother.

In mid-2004 her company sent her to Australia for a three month assignment. Her next assignment, the United States mid-west, put her and Nadya on Oceanic flight 815. When the plane crashed, Sofya and Nadya were both in the tail section. Sofya died on impact, however Nadya survived.


Nadya was born to Sofya Krupin in Moscow. Andrii Sokoll was a soldier of the Soviet Union and had briefly been in Moscow. He met Sofya and the two of them had a brief fling. Nadya was the result of it and she never knew her father. Sofya didn’t bad mouth Andrii, however she discouraged conversations about Andrii as well as Nadya’s curiosity about him.

Nadya’s grandparents were Dmitrii and Yelena Krupin. Both of them passed away when she was a child. Nadya doesn’t have any siblings either.

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This character is played by Lilly.