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Claire Littleton was originally scared, lonely, and a young mother-to-be. She was on Oceanic Flight 815 to give her unborn baby for adoption, but 'fate' had other plans for her. (This requires more attention from whoever takes her.)


Claire was raised by Carole Littleton, a single mother who had become pregnant as a result of an affair with Claire's father, Christian Shephard. According to her daughter, Carole was a librarian. Christian visited Claire many times when she was a baby, but stopped visiting because, according to him, her aunt Lindsey hated him, and Carole couldn't cope with him having another family in America. Claire was raised to believe that her father died when she was two years old. As an adolescent, Claire rebelled against her mother, dressing in a vaguely gothic style and working in a piercing and tattoo parlor.

As a teenager, Claire got into a car accident when a truck forced her car off the road during a heated argument with her mother. When Claire woke up, she climbed out the car and found her mother unconscious on the ground.

Later that day, Claire and her mother, Carole, were taken to the hospital. While her head was being stitched, she was questioned by Officer Barnes about the accident. Claire became extremely defensive, as she thought he was implying the accident was her fault. After this she went home for a shower, and returned to the hospital to see her mother. Upon entering her room, Claire found her Aunt Lindsey watching over her mother. She accused Claire of not caring for her mother. They were interrupted by the doctor, who indicated that Carole may be in a permanent coma. Furthermore, Lindsey told the doctor that she could not afford medical treatment to support Carole but he revealed the costs were being paid by an anonymous benefactor.

At a later visit to her mother, Claire found an American doctor touching Carole's arm. When Lindsey entered the room, she immediately recognized the doctor and demanded to know why he was there. They began to argue, which led to the revelation that he, Christian Shephard, was Claire's father, whom she believed was dead. Sometime later, Claire was working in a tattoo and piercing parlor. Once she finished with her client, Christian approached Claire and asked her to join him for coffee before he left Australia. She angrily agreed and joined him. During the meeting, Christian explained how he and her mother met, which led to her becoming pregnant. He also told her how he visited them when she was a child, but their relationship deteriorated due to his commitment to his family in America, something her mother and aunt Lindsey resented. When he tried to persuade Claire to turn off her mother's life support machine, Claire left, not even knowing her father's name.

Sometime later, while working at the Fish & Fry restaurant for five dollars an hour, Claire's path seemed to be dead-end and predictable. Her life changed when she and her boyfriend Thomas realized they were to become parents. Although Claire was petrified by the idea, Thomas eventually changed her mind, claiming it could be the best thing ever. An excited Claire told her friend Rachel, the news on the way to see Richard Malkin, who claimed to be a psychic. As Claire was interested in astrology and horoscopes, they thought it would be worth a visit. As the reading took place, Richard refused to continue the reading and escorted them out of the house. Sometime after this, Claire was in the process of redecorating the apartment. While hanging her new drapes, Thomas revealed to Claire he felt ill-equipped to become the father for their child. After a heated argument with Claire, Thomas stormed out of the apartment, leaving her behind to raise their child.

She returned to Richard Malkin's house, and requested a second reading. During the reading, he told Claire he knew Thomas had left her, and when she asked him to continue, he revealed that it was crucial for Claire to raise her child herself, and that her goodness must be an influence on the child's development. Claire interrupted, and told him that she would put the baby up for adoption if Thomas didn't return. She soon left the house after he aggressively tried to convince her to raise the baby herself.

As a part of her daily life, Claire continued to visit her mother in the hospital. As she entered the room, Claire switched on the television and told her comatose mother she was pregnant and planned to give the child up for adoption. She expressed astonishment that her mother had been able to raise her without any assistance and sobbed an apology for being so terrible to her as a teenager. Claire finally admitted to herself that she was responsible for their car accident.

Upon meeting with her child's adoptive parents, Arlene and Joseph Stewart, Claire prepared to sign away rights to her unborn child. The solicitor reminded her she would not have any rights to see the child and Claire would be paid upon the birth. She requested that the Stewarts sing the lullaby "Catch a Falling Star" to the baby, as it was the song her father used to sing to her. As Claire was about to sign the papers, two pens she tried to use did not work. Her doubts at relinquishing her child surfaced at this ill omen and she ran out of the room. Claire returned to Richard Malkin, who told her that her baby would be safe if she gave it to a couple in Los Angeles who he said were good people. He gave her a ticket for Oceanic Flight 815, and Claire left for what she believed was a new life in America. However when she learned that the flight was so soon, she was put off by the idea; Malkin then insisted she must take that flight.


Claire was born to Carole Littleton and Christian Shephard. Christian, who had a family back in the States, would visit frequently though Carole was still a single mother, raising Claire with just the aid of Carole’s sister, Lindsey. Claire does have a half brother, Jack Shephard, and she’s currently pregnant with her first child, a son.

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