Developing a good, strong character is very important in fiction writing. Since text based role play is a form of that, the same thing applies here.

This page is designed to help anyone building a new character who might be stuck or don't know where to start. Please look through and see if you can find anything useful!

Your Character's PersonalityEdit

It’s the thing that determines how we all react to, well…everything. This is the same thing for your characters too.

My MBTI Personality Type is a website that, among other things, lists the different Meyers-Briggs personality types. While this website doesn’t offer advice on how to create a fiction character, it does provide tests that you could take (from your character’s point of view, NOT your own) to help with understanding how your character works. It also provides a general list of personality types, which is what you’re directly linked to.

Your Character's LookEdit


Your Character's NameEdit

What's in a name? Well, you of course! When picking a name for a character, you try to pick something that fits their personality. For example, for the brawny ex-military guy with great washboard abs you probably wouldn’t pick the Mt. Olive pickle salesman named Peter McPickerson from Picklesville, Pennsylvania. Firstly I odn’t think a pickle company has sales people and secondly….really?

So, here are some sites that are helpful in picking given and surnames out for your characters. is a great website for given names. They have brief definitions and you can search for a specific name or, just browse by area of the world. is like 20000 names in that it is organized by region. By clicking on a region it does pretty much the same thing where you can look up the name and see what it is a derivative of or what it means. isn’t like the first two listings. Here, you can search by the first letter of the surname. This is easier if your character doesn’t know their background (but you always should) and you’re looking more for how it sounds or what it starts with.

The Character TemplateEdit