“How many times do I have to tell you John? I always have a plan.”


Benjamin is a habitual and skilled manipulator. Rarely being fully truthful or fully dishonest, Benjamin has managed to stay alive by relying on his ability to manipulate people and situations to his advantage and, sometimes, by simply having the upper hand in situations. Most of the time he is calm, cool and collected, he always seems to have a plan. On the rare occasion that he does become emotional though he loses control and can act recklessly.

Benjamin does have a tendency to be insecure and has issues with jealousy.


Benjamin was born in Portland, Oregon. Growing up with a single, verbally abusive father, he moved to the island when he was eight years old with his father and the DHARMA Initiative. Before his tenth birthday Benjamin wandered to the edge of the DHARMA perimeter. There he met his dead mother and, eventually, Richard Alpert of The Others.

In 1988 The Others took Alexandra Rousseau from her mother, Danielle, after Danielle killed her whole science team. Since then, he raised Alex as his own daughter, telling her that her mother was dead.

He continued on at the DHARMA Initiative as a work man until The Purge, an event in 1992 where The Others gassed most of the inhabitants to death. Sometime after that he became the leader of The Others, replacing Charles Widmore. As leader of The Others, Benjamin tried to solve the infertility that plagued women, however he was unsuccessful and women continued to die.

In September 2004 Benjamin deployed Others to the plane wreckage to learn about the survivors.


Benjamin was born to Emily and Roger Linus. Born prematurely, Emily died shortly after giving birth to and naming Benjamin. Roger, unable to fully handle this, became abusive and raised Benjamin as a single father up until his death in 1992.

Benjamin never married or appeared to have any strong, serious romantic relationships as an adult. He did however adopt a daughter named Alexandra, ‘Alex’, Rousseau.

Played ByEdit

This character is played by Lilly.